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Dawn Perrier

Yoga Teacher / Sound Healer / Meditation Guide

Hi there and a heart felt, warm welcome friends. I’m Dawn and I am so happy you are here. After spending many years unhealthy and unhappy in mind, body and spirit, I decided that enough was enough.

Feeling stressed, anxious, depressed and disconnected from myself and the world around me, was simply not a place I wanted to reside any longer. Life is far too precious. I believe that we all deserve to live our best lives as our best selves and thrive, not just survive.

“Tomorrow is not promised”

After a lot of inner work, self love and dedication (don’t get me wrong, it is a daily, ongoing ride that I am happy to be on), here I am. Super passionate about health, happiness and wellness-mind, body and spirit… and I would love to share all of it with y-o-u!

Whether you’re here to check out a free “OnliNidra” session (which can be done laying down under the covers, cozy in your bed- uhhh, yes please?) some breath work videos, to enjoy a little stretch with me, or maybe you are interested in a membership. I trust that you came across this site for a reason and I hope you’ll explore the medicine that I know awaits you.

Alright, a little more about me. Well, I’m a simple gal when it comes down to it. I am a lover of the forest, adventure, acts of kindness, deep connection and all things Yoga.

I received my Yoga Teacher Training in 2016 after a life changing trip to India, and have been training, growing and building my brand ever since. Yoga Nidra (or “sleep yoga”) and Sound Healing is definitely my main jam/passion, and I am also certified in:

  • Yin Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Chair Yoga
  • Yogassage
  • Yoga Nidra Levels 1+2. So.

This gal is here to simply live, learn, experience and grow- as much as I possibly can, while sharing it all, as much as I possibly can!

What Others are saying

“Last night was amazing. I don’t know anything that happened lol but something magical and healing happened for me. I don’t need to know… my subconscious and my body knows. All of the physical and emotional aches and pains I carried all week long are gone today. “

“Thank you for guiding an amazing experience last night.Today I feel renewed and open and all Sparkly inside. As I have said before Dawn, you truly have a gift and I am in awe of it. I start my Yoga Teacher Training on Friday and you continue to be a huge inspiration to me.”

“Hi Dawn, a quick note to thank-you for last nights practice You have a wonderful ability to connect. Your voice and everything you say is full of heart and soul.”


3 brand new and unique sessions uploaded weekly — all to explore and dive into from the comfort of home. You can practice whenever you like, wherever you like and how ever many times you like!