Yoga Stretching




Audio Yoga Flow

Improve the Quality of Your Mind

Reclined Butterfly Pose, Windshield Wipers, Knees-to-Chest.

Calming, grounding, soothing and great for the hips and digestion!

Banana Pose, Cat/Cow Pose and some Intuitive Movement.

Grounding, relaxing, explorative and a great opportunity to find some space through the side body, the spine and the mind!

Legs up the Wall. -Grounding, calming and restorative.

Regulates the nervous system, great for circulation/lymphatic flow/drainage, heart health and so much more!

Child’s Pose, Cat/Cow.

Grounding and nurturing. A great stretch for the spine, side body, low back and hips.

Seated movements to stretch, twist and tend to your joints and glands.

Detoxifying and cleansing. A great sequence to lubricate joints, shed toxins and promote balance, flow and harmony in body and mind.

Standing movements to stretch and activate your core and lower body.

Strengthening and empowering. Lubricate your hips and activate your core, legs and glutes to invigorate the body and prime the subconscious mind before any “OnliNidra” practice.



“Thank you for guiding an amazing experience last night. I slept like a BABY (I can’t remember ever sleeping that well) and today I feel renewed and open and all Sparkly inside. As I have said before Dawn, you truly have a gift and I am in awe of it. I start my Yoga Teacher Training on Friday and you continue to be a huge inspiration to me. Namaste.”

In Person Events


An opportunity here, to pause, feel and “simply be.”
A beautiful blend of Yoga Nidra and Sound Healing: A transformative, healing journey back home- to you.