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Alright folks, trust me- I get it. Sometimes, all you wanna do is dim the lights, climb into bed, cocoon yourself in your little “Nidra Nest” and dive straight into your OnliNidra practice. Been there. I feel ya. Here’s the thing is though. When we transition too quickly from movement, doing and activity, (of the mental, physical and/or emotional kind) and we finally do lay down in stillness, what happens? We tend to fidget, the mind can be overactive with thoughts and it can be difficult to sink in or “drop down” into the practice. Don’t worry about it- this is totally normal and I have the remedy for you! And it’s all just a couple clicks of away. I would HIGHLY encourage you to MOVE the body and BREATHE the body before any Nidra session. Even if you only have a few moments- a little can go a long way.

Here you will find your own little library of Breathing (or “Pranayama”) Videos and Stretching Audios to “pre-heat” the oven before your practice. Perhaps today you try “Legs up the Wall” and then a little “Bumble Bee Breath” and tomorrow it could be “Banana-asana” and “Mental Alternate Nostril Breathing.”

The options/ pairings are endless and you can really tailor your stretching/breathwork to how you’re feeling in the moment and what your mind/ body may be in need of before your Yoga Nidra practice. Remember. Take a moment to pause. Check in with how you’re feeling and what you need. Then, flow from there!

Alternate Nostril Breath or “Nadi shodhana”

One of my personal favorites! A beautiful technique to restore balance in the body and in the mind. Harmonizing the right and the left hemispheres of the brain, this breathing technique is great for stress and anxiety/ an overactive mind, it regulates the nervous system, is great for heart and lung health and promotes overall ease, calm and well being.

Box Breath or Square Breath

A technique using slow, deep breaths that not only calms and regulates the autonomic nervous system, (shifting us OUT of fight or flight) “Square Breath” can regulate emotions, (helpful for anyone with anxiety, depression, PTSD, etc.)heighten focus and concentration while also being a potent and powerful stress reliever. Particularly helpful for anyone with any lung issues, give this pranayama technique a try for that welcomed and instant dose of “calm.”

4-7-8 Breath

Developed by Dr. Andrew Weil, who calls 4-7-8 a “natural tranquilizer for the nervous system.” This is a great technique to keep in your “tool belt of life” for any moments you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed or simply “disconnected” from self. Listen. We’ve all been there, you got this! An accessible method that can be used before sleep, when mindfully responding to an upsetting or stressful situation, or of course before your “OnliNidra” practice. 4-7-8 lessens our stress response, resulting in improved sleep, lower blood pressure, reduced anxiety, less pain and improved concentration/ mental clarity (to name a few!)

Mental Alternate Nostril Breath

If you’re feeling stuffed up OR you’ve given this technique a try and it simply doesn’t “make sense” in your body, rest assured friends- this is a technique that can absolutely be done mentally– with the same benefits! Simply close your eyes or find a soft gaze and you can simply imagine, sense and feel that you are breathing in and out through the right and left side nostrils. A very meditative practice that is sure to prime your body and mind before any practice- on and off your mat/bed!

Bumble Bee or “Brahmari”

Breath Tell anixety to “buzz off” with this soothing, vibrational pranayama. Hum like a bee and fill your mind with bliss! This fun and unique technique (kids love this one!) is wonderful for stimulating the vagus nerve/ regulating the nervous system. Increasing saliva production (great for digestion). Decreasing the heart beat. Calming the muscles in the lungs and stomach. Increasing bile production (helpful in digestion and elimination) and so much more! Shut out the noise of the outside world and dive into the calm of your “inner world.” There is some healing waiting for you there!

Skull Shining Breath or “Kapalabhati”

This is a warming, fiery and internally “cleansing” technique said to “make the skull shine” by cleansing the nasal passageways and sinuses and supplying the brain with a fresh supply of oxygen-rich blood. Who couldn’t use a little bit of that! It also cleanses the throat and lungs and stimulates the abdominal muscles and organs. A great technique for DIGESTION- of a meal, a thought, an emotion or anything else stored in the body that you are simply “done with.” Cleanse, clear and let go” with this invigorating breathing technique.



I just wanted you to really know how important it is to experience all the different teachings you offer in your sessions. I look forward with excitement to each part of it! You are much appreciated Dawn, and last night I slept so much better than I have in a long time and woke up feeling full of joy. I guess I am truly blessed. And you are part of that.

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